Detached Retina began as Excella Consulting’s corporate band with a simple mission: play great rock and roll. Since then, music fans have enjoyed DR music at state fairs, bars, weddings, corporate and charity events, and basement gigs. DR has dazzled the masses in Virginia, Maryland, California, Ohio, and Washington, DC, paying tribute to rock and roll titans by playing classics and deep cuts spanning seven decades. Fortune Magazine and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame selected Detached Retina as the USA’s #2 corporate band in 2013. This feat is all the more remarkable, given the well-funded competition from bands sponsored by multi-national corporations. Excella Consulting couldn’t be prouder of Detached Retina, since the band acts as a great ambassador for the firm, and 100% of its members are Excella employees.


DR started in the fall of 2010, when the band members convened under deep secrecy with the goal of surprising their colleagues with a corporate band that no one knew existed. After several rehearsals, the band members debuted with a rousing rendition of the Rolling Stones’ “You Can’t Always Get What You Want.” The band then followed that up with four more classics, ending with “Free Bird” (of course), which put the crowd on its feet.


Over the course of DR’s history, the band has welcomed cameo appearances by several other musical Excellians, featuring guest vocalists, drummers, harmonica players, and even a violinist for the Who’s “Baba O’Riley”. It didn’t take long for the band to be asked to play at events beyond company functions, and now “WE ARE DR” is chanted (and tweeted) by fans and Excella employees.


DR continues to welcome fans of all generations of rock and roll. Which songs to play next is a perpetual debate among band members, always lively and never settled. As the band continues to rehearse and perform, they’re looking forward to the next gig and hope to see you there!


“Just hang onto the band, and you can dance while your knowledge is growing.” – The Who

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